about us

About Us:
         We are a full-service video production facility located near Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Soft Science offers All-Digital, Broadcast Quality Products to wide variety of clients. We provide on location shooting and sound recording. In our studios we provide editing, titling, special effects, animation & graphics, interactive VCDs and DVDs, video compressions for web and much more...   
Our Name:
         We call ourselves soft science because of our shooting and production style. We take a soft, personalized, humanizing approach to our story topics. We like the documentary approach best, where our clients and their acquaintances tell us stories, their way.  

We include the word science in our name because our work often involves a good scientific understanding of an ecosystems process or a manufacturing technique.

our chief photographer

We use the word associates because we often invite a specialized professional to join with us in a particular project or to help us with a given research topic.

Our Track Record:
         soft science became incorporated as a business, in the province of Ontario, CANADA, in 1986.  Since then we have produced hundreds of videos and acquired many loyal clients.